I Need A Wedding Website

So you’re getting married (jumping the broom). Now you’re thinking that you might want a website to go along with the wedding invites, rsvp’s, etc. And why not? In this connected culture, it only seems natural to add an online component to your “big day”. Having a wedding website has benefits. For instance, your guest can respond to the RSVP online, in real time. You can also incorporate interactive maps to guide your guests to the venue(s). This is really helpful for out-of-town guests as they are less familiar with the area (I’ve almost gotten lost in a similar situation). Online access to you bridal registry is another benefit. Guests can find and order your gifts online.

Before you contact someone (hopefully us), make sure you follow the steps below to make sure you have everything you need to have a proper wedding website.

“I need a website for our wedding”

What Do I Need To Get Started?

1. Decide on your domain name.

If your names (bride and groom’s first names) are, for example, John and Marsha, you could consider registering www.johnandmarsha.com if it’s available. You can use a popular service like 1and1.com, Godaddy or any other reputable provider. We recommend registering your domain for 1-2 years.

Another option is having us create a sub-domain on our server*. An example would be johnandmarsha.wejumpedthebroom.com. This is available for however long your website is up.

2. Gather images of you two.

If you have professional pictures of you and your fiancé, those usually make for better website images. This is because all of the things most amateurs get wrong (lighting, framing and focus) are addressed.  If they aren’t in digital format, we suggest scanning at a high resolution like 450dpi and saved as a JPEG. We suggest images over 1600px wide for the best quality. Otherwise you run the risk of have blurry or pixelated photos. And nobody wants bad pictures on their wedding website.

If you don’t have any professional pictures, consider having someone you trust take pictures of you two in a well lit area, preferably outdoors. We suggest  pictures that keep most or your whole bodies in the picture while in the horizontal orientation.

3. Your Story

Write the story of how the both of you met and the moment you both knew that you’d be getting married. If neither of you are good with words, have a friend who’s good at that sort of thing write it out for you. Tell it to them (each person giving their own account) in your own words and have that person jazz it up.

A good example: http://leeanddai.wejumpedthebroom.com/the-couple/

4. Registry Info

Make a list of the stores that you are registered with. These days, you can get an actual link to an online registry so that your guests can shop online.

5. Where’s the wedding?

Make notes or save the address, phone numbers and websites of the venue(s). Also, if you have any arrangements with any local hotels, motels, etc. for out-of-town guests, make a note of the details.

5. Website Color Accents

You may want the color scheme of your website you match the color of your wedding party. The color white and black (or dark gray) will be utilized on the website along with 1 or 2 more colors of your choosing (if not using the default colors when using one of our website templates).
You can use this tool to find the HEX value (website color name) of the colors you want to include.

7. Let’s Go!

You now have all of the content for your wedding website. Next, pick a wedding website template or discuss a custom wedding website solution. Once you contact us, we’ll send you a questionnaire* where you can input and upload all of your content discussed above.

*Available only when using our services.